Ways Fair and Sustainable Employment Practices Help to Attract and Retain Talent

Fair and progressive employment practices are no longer a nice-to-have.  Sustainable employment practices have become an increasingly essential tool for companies in Singapore to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Today’s employees hold higher expectations for prospective companies, and view a business model that champions and empowers their workers more favourably. Companies that adopt such a business strategy will stand a higher chance of expanding their talent pool and gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals. Those that did not adopt more progressive employment practices, however, will not be able to enjoy the same benefits.

It is a truism that an excellent collaboration between employers and employees is the key that sets the foundation for business success. Learn how you can commit to fair employment practices to foster positive workplace relationships and high business performance.

Enjoy Core Competitive Advantages

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become a major business priority. Companies that put the effort in including all three values in professional development will benefit from the richness of perspectives and experiences of a wider talent pool. In addition, by valuing merit and respecting all employees’ unique needs and potential, equitable employers promote an environment that encourages deeper trust and more commitment. This environment will naturally lead to higher employee satisfaction and, in turn, employee retention.

When it comes to business expansion, fair and progressive employment practices provide sustainable pathways for business development, growth, and success. When companies embrace and abide by the principles of equitable hiring, their reputation will precede them and grant them access to a wider, more diverse talent pool. Through their employees’ technical know-how and networking knowledge, employers can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging innovative methodologies and tapping into new geographical markets.

Additionally, these benefits are not limited to businesses. When industry leaders and global stakeholders invest in their talent pool, this will result in a positive ripple effect that affects the general economy. A thriving business environment that propagated diverse talent pool and sustainable careers will lay the groundwork for a strong and resilient economy.

Employing Fair Hiring Strategies

Fair hiring practices can take multiple forms. To ensure that prospective candidates are judged solely on their merits, experience, job aptitude, here are a few approaches to keep in mind.

Create a Straightforward Job Advertisement Copy

Championing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace starts at the beginning: creating and publishing job vacancy advertisement copies. Refrain from producing misleading copies by carefully vetting the content and ensuring that inclusive language is used when describing the job scope and responsibilities.

Establish a Clear, Non-Discriminatory Selection Criterion

When setting up the selection criteria, ensure it is clearly worded and leave no room for ambiguity. Unless the job scope specifically requires female employees or individuals displaying robust physical mobility, be sure to disregard age and gender in the evaluation and selection process.

Emphasise on Skills and Job Competencies

Implement a strict interview process that focuses solely on assessing candidates’ work-relevant skills, academic credentials, years of experience, and the potential contributions they would bring to the company. Refrain from subscribing to biased perceptions – this means extending opportunities to mature workers, persons with disabilities, and other marginalised groups. Pontiac Land, for instance, takes pride in having a diverse workforce with over 50% of their talent pool makeup aged 40 and above.

Fostering A Sustainable Business Ecosystem

A solid business foundation is not complete without adopting fair and progressive employment practices. Business leaders can do their part in fostering an equitable and sustainable workforce as well as the betterment of Singapore’s business ecosystem.

The SBF Sustainable Employment (SE) initiative calls on the Singapore business community to take purposeful action to improve their SE practices in anticipation of emergent trends and future developments. Singapore Business Federation launched this initiative with a report that highlights key recommendations and potential opportunities for businesses to take on to achieve long-term business success and foster a vibrant economy and inclusive society.