Sustainable Employment
Self-Assessment Tool

SBF has developed this Pathway to Sustainable Employment Self-Assessment Tool to support companies that are keen to get started or achieve progress in their journey towards having more sustainable employment practices. This tool will help your company to identify areas for improvement, as well as track progress as improvements are made to the company’s organisational and human resource policies and practices. The questions in this tool are also designed to serve as points of reflection or starting points for further conversations within your company on introducing more inclusive and sustainable employment practices.

How to use this tool?

This tool comprises 20 questions under the following categories:

(1) Recruitment and Hiring
(2) Employee Development
(3) Employee Welfare
(4) Business Practices

Upon completion of the set of questions, you will be given insights on:

(A) Your Sustainable Employment score based on your answers to the 20 questions. Once we have built up a sizeable pool of respondents, we will also be able to provide an indication of where you stand amongst other Singapore companies, as well as your peers in the same industry and/or employee size.

(B) Recommendations from the SBF Sustainable Employment Report on improving your company’s Sustainable Employment practices. The report focuses on the 3 vulnerable groups – PMETs susceptible to job disruption, mature employees, and low wage workers.


Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETS)

Businesses to take greater ownership of upskilling the PMET workforce.

Develop platforms to match high-skilled professionals to gig work

Mature Employees

Stamp out age discrimination by championing policies, processes and programmes that help mature employees to contribute and thrive in their work places

Redesign jobs to match the profilem needs and strengths of mature employees

Low wage Singaporeans

Select socially responsible vendors in outsourcing arrangements – shift from pure cost considerations towards outcome – and value-based sourcing

Transform jobs by changing work processes through innovation to enlarge job scopes, raise wages and provide better career progression


Sustainable Employment Report

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