The SBF policy paper on “Uplifting Women in the Workforce:  Investing in the Success of Women in Singapore” is published in support   of the Year of Celebrating SG Women in 2021. The report is a consolidation of insights from participants in SBF organised engagements, the business community, Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs), unions, and government agencies, underscores the whole-of-nation commitment to support women in their career and entrepreneurial aspirations.

The paper proposes 12 recommendations put together through extensive consultations from public surveys, interviews and focus group discussions from September to November 2021. A total of 1,140 individuals and 116 business leaders, as well as representatives from TACs, unions, and government agencies, shared their perspectives on actions needed to create a more inclusive workforce and ways to uplift women in the workplace and business arena.



Leaders can recalibrate processes to encourage women to remain in the workforce.

(1) Ensure senior management buy-in

(2) Adopt the relevant Tripartite Standards

(3) Recalibrate processes and communicate extensively


Stakeholders can collaborate to explore innovative ways to attract women back to the workforce and foster women entrepreneurship.

(4) Pilot clustered returnship programmes

(5) Augment targeted peer support networks for returnees

(6) Build up support and mentoring networks for the propagation of women entrepreneurship


Government can explore policy adjustments to support stakeholders in actualising change.

(7) Embed inclusive terms within support policies

(8) Increase support for family care leave

(9) Foster a conducive environment to support women enterprise programmes


Individuals can embrace mindset shifts.

(10) Be receptive to new opportunities and pathways

(11) Embrace continuous learning

(12) Communicate and manage expectations pre-emptively


Uplifting Women in the Workforce:

Investing in the Success of Women in Singapore