Sustainable Employment

Thriving customers, employees and communities lead to
better business and healthier long-term growth.
Purposeful actions by companies will foster a vibrant economy and
society through sustainable employment practices and encouraging
innovation. We want to play our part.

Our employees are critical to our success.

We will compensate them according to performance, providing important benefits for their well-being and training and education support to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. We offer a work environment that treats every employee with respect and dignity.

Mature employees are valued assets.

We will redesign roles to fit their strengths and abilities and make best endeavour to help them contribute their best to the business.

Fair and ethical contracts are essential for businesses to grow together.

We will be good partners to our suppliers, large and small, and individuals that we engage.

We can learn from each other.

We will share our best practices in sustainable employment to help Singapore move towards a more caring and inclusive society.

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