Discrimination in The Workplace

Workplace discrimination has become a buzzword in the media in recent years as unethical practices such as sexism, ageism and racism in big organisations have been called out regularly online. While there are laws imposed by the Ministry of Manpower to prevent discrimination in the workplace, reports of workplace discrimination still exist in Singapore.

Types of Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination can have detrimental effects on employees, especially for their mental health. Let’s take a look at the types of discrimination that employees in Singapore face.

Businesses must stamp out discrimination in the workplace to achieve better business outcomes.

1. Discrimination of Working Parents, Particularly Mothers

Mothers may suffer a penalty relative to non-mothers and men in the form of lower perceived competence and commitment, higher professional expectations, lower likelihood of hiring and promotion, and lower recommended salaries. (Known as motherhood penalty bias)

2. Discrimination of Older Workers

Ageism is also prominent in the workforce as employers prefer hiring young, fresh graduates over older workers. This might be due to the fact that younger workers are able to put in longer hours but cost less, compared to older employees who generally expect a package that reflects their experience in the industry.

3. Discrimination of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

While PWDs might have difficulties travelling or commuting to work, it does not mean that they are less valuable than able-bodied employees in an organisation. In order to build and expand workplace diversity in Singapore and avoid workplace discrimination, it is important for employers to be open to hiring PWDs and implement processes or create an inclusive environment to ensure that PWDs have the right tools to excel like the rest of their colleagues.

An inclusive workplace is the first step to end workplace discrmination. Find out how you can build an inclusive workplace at Singapore Business Federation today.