Fair Employment Practices in Singapore

In today’s context, being an employer of choice is more than simply providing employees with a good and equitable remuneration package with reasonable terms and benefits. It also includes adopting fair employment practices at the workplace, protecting current and future employees against discrimination and prejudice.

Benefits of Adopting Fair Employment Practices

Implementing fair employment practices makes good business sense. Not only is this the right thing to do, incorporating such practices helps build an inclusive workforce in Singapore due to the diverse ethnic, religious, age, and gender makeup. Diversity paves the way for innovation and creativity within your organisation, which will allow space for different ideas and solutions. Moreover, since the hiring process is done based on merit and abilities, you will maximise the abilities and potential of employees as well as help to raise their morale and reduce turnover.

Principles of Fair and Progressive Employment Practices

Creating a safe and conducive work environment for your employees requires the implementation of inclusive policies and initiatives that value and promote opportunities for personal development, and  intergenerational and cross-cultural interactions.

To do so, employers need to first recognise and internalise the reality that the mature workforce will be a vital component of Singapore’s future workforce. It is imperative that employers provide mature employees with the opportunities and resources to support their individual growth and development. By offering customised training courses and systematic training and upskilling programmes, mature employees can keep up with the changes posed by Industry 4.0 and make their unique contributions.

Create a safe and inclusive workplace with equal opportunities for all employees.

When developing such policies and initiatives, companies are called to refer to the guiding principles formulated by Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) and adopt the Tripartite Standard on Age Friendly Workplaces.

Your employees are critical to your business success. Creating a work environment that treats current and future employees with respect and dignity will lead to thriving employees and communities, leading to better business and healthier long-term growth.

Singapore Business Federation is here to journey with you as you strive to foster a vibrant workforce through sustainable employment and progression practices. Leverage our resources to create your building blocks. Be part of the movement and make your pledge today!