The meaning of work has transformed together with the context in which businesses operate. Rising manpower costs and shortages, the social movement for an more equitable and sustainable workforce and  technological advancements have given businesses opportunities to co-create value with its employees.

In this section, read about the best practices of companies who have successfully leveraged on various strategies to uplift its workforces through socially responsible procurement, re-skilling, up-skilling, multi-skilling,  redesigned job roles and more.

Key areas of consideration for digitalisation projects

Building for Successful Digitalisation

Read this mini-report, derived from learnings shared by CBM, JTC and LionsBot on what estate and facilities management companies should consider when embarking on their digitalisation journey.

Purpose of digital transformation in estate and facilities management

How should companies implement digital transformation strategies successfully and share the gains with their employees in a sustainable manner? Read this e-book to find what CBM, JTC and Lionsbots have implemented successfully.