Employee empowerment can be tricky to execute successfully, but with the right approach it can lead to a more productive and positive work environment. This is something businesses strive for because when employees feel empowered, they take greater ownership of their work and are more motivated to do their best. But what are the best fair and progressive employment practices for creating an empowering environment in your workplace? In this blog post, we’ll provide some key strategies to implement this practically in your office in Singapore. So, if you’re looking to create an empowering culture in your business, read on to learn the best practices to do so!

1. Communicate With Your Staff And Show Them The Value Of Their Work

The first best practice in employee empowerment is to communicate with your employees. Communication is a two-way street and when companies are open to having open communication channels with their team, it demonstrates to workers that their voices are valued. Being receptive to their inputs, implementing them where possible and communicating clearly when their ideas are not feasible are some of best practices to establish open lines of communication with your staff. This not just facilitates the flow of great ground-up initiatives from your team but helps your employees to see the value of their work and contributions. Along with communicating your brand’s vision to them, this aligns them to the significance of their role in the company and empowers them to take ownership of their work. Find opportunities to appreciate your team for a job well done too. This makes them feel valued as a part of the team and empowered to keep contributing as they become aware that their hard work is recognised.  This best practice also encourages them to continue striving to be creative, take charge, and to solve problems. Naturally, your company stands to gain because real and sustainable business growth requires having a team of empowered employees.

2. Include Employees In The Decision-Making Process

Another fair and progressive employment practice businesses in Singapore can employ is to empower their staff to participate in certain decision making processes. Choose to give your team autonomy to make decisions over projects they are working on, let them sit in suitable meetings with key decision makers to learn and offer opportunities for them to share their opinions or suggestions for bigger, enterprise-level decisions. When staff are involved, they become more vested in the organisation’s growth and are empowered to contribute in building the company together. Including them in decision-making has the additional advantage of being a training ground for them. Through hearing their thoughts, you can identify their shortcomings and areas of development for them. This enables the company to mentor employees through their mistakes, which will assist in their growth, and when your staff are empowered to grow, the entire company takes a leap forward.

3. Offer Autonomy Over Tasks

To empower your team to grow to be independent thinkers, business leaders should delegate suitable tasks and give the staff full autonomy to lead. Some best practices include letting a team member share a part of the agenda or leading certain inter-department or project meetings. This empowers employees to be active contributors in their departments and the company. By giving them space to take charge of tasks, the management can grow them to be problem solvers. When they meet with problems,prompt them to provide a few of their recommendation solutions and offer support where necessary. In the long run, doing so will dramatically increase their confidence and sense of ownership in the organisation.

4. Provide Your Staff With Training

A practical approach to to empower your employees is to give them opportunities for training. With an increasing number of workers headed for career conversion programmes (CCPs), companies can benefit from leveraging these retraining schemes such as those offered by Workforce Singapore (WSG) to help existing employees upskill. The structured training can assist in their redeployment to other roles they are interested in or adept at within organisations. With businesses evolving with job redesign for strategic longevity and to cope with an ageing workforce,  organisations can also tap on job redesign grants to start training older workers for new responsibilities and reap the benefits of hiring older workers with a wealth of experience.

Make A Pledge To Fair And Progressive Employment Practices

Empower your employees and your company to grow to the next level through fair and progressive employment practices in Singapore.

The Singapore Business Federation Sustainable Employment (SE) initiative calls on the Singapore business community to take purposeful action to improve their SE practices in anticipation of emergent trends and future developments. Singapore Business Federation launched this initiative with a report that highlights key recommendations and potential opportunities for businesses to take on to achieve long-term business success and foster a vibrant economy and inclusive society.

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